(the) Best (TWO) box(es) I have ever opened - UPDATED (Third Box -Updated Again)


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I keep an ongoing thread of my Bowman's Best Boxes I have opened on another cite. I just opened the best box I have ever opened.

Here's my post from the other cite. Most fun me and my son have ever had opening a box:

2021 Bowman’s Best Box (11/14/2022)
Purchased for $299.99

I bought a box of Bowman’s Best, it was quite frankly the best box I have ever opened. Every pack either hat a nice insert or a good rookie in it.

Each Master box contains two mini boxes, each mini box has 6 packs and 5 cards per pack. Each mini-box has two autographs. Each pack has a refractor as the last card in the pack and the next to last card in each pack is the autograph or an insert. In most packs the first 3 cards are base cards, however, every-so-often (I believe 2 of the six packs or 4 of the 12 packs) the third card is an insert as well. Almost all packs are: Card 1: Base; Card 2: Base; Card 3: Base (sometimes insert/parallel), Card 4: always insert, Card 5: always refractor. Thus you should get 4 Autos, 12 Refractors, and approximately 12 other inserts/parallels, leaving 32 base cards. This is how this box stacked up

Base: Received 32 Cards

Highlights: 1 Trout ($10) 4 Judge ($5) 22 Jordan ($6) 26 Chisolm ($10) 27 Kelenic ($5) 31 India ($8) 34 Petty ($4) 49 Julio Rodriguez ($30); 51 Austin Martin ($6) 52 Acuna ($4) 65 Mountcastle ($8) 68 Dalbec ($4) 81 Gimenez ($3) 88 Ford ($10) 96 Soto ($4)

32 Cards Received (No doubles – which is my favorite) valued at $142.25

(almost ½ of which were $3 or more)

Refractors: Received 12 cards

As stated above you should get 12 “base” refractors (not colored), I received 12: Highlights

25 Rutschman ($8); 39 Lawler ($12); 41 Dominguez ($15); 64 Carlson ($5); 67 Ohtani ($10); 91 Gilbert ($4); 95 Perez ($5)

12 cards Received valued at $70.00

Colors – Refractors Received 2 Cards

I received 1 Atomic Refractor and quite frankly couldn’t ask for anything better: Wander Franco $120.00

I received 1 RED #’d 05/10 of Akil Baddoo, there is not a book value on this card, the Gold version is #’d of 50 and is valued at $15.00, the orange #’d to 25 is $25.00…. for purposes of this analysis I will say $50.00 for the Baddoo

Two Colored Refractors valued at $170.00

Future Vibrance (1:3 Packs – Should receive 4)


Kelenic ($5), Colmenarez ($6) Perez ($4); House ($8)

I also received an Atomic Future Vibrance which is 1:48 Packs: Heston Jkerstad ($8)

That five future vibrance valued at $27.00

Heatwave Diecuts

(Of the set these are my favorites, the cards are inserted 1:6, so I should get two and I got two)

Tatis $8.00 Mike Trout $12.00 (2 cards for $20.00)

I also received a Lava (insert rate: ?/? #’d of 50); Colton Cowser $60

Three Heatwave Die-cuts valued at $80.00

Rookie Craftsmanship (1 in 18 packs, I received 1)

Kelenic $6.00

1 card $6.00

Masterpieces (1 in 18 packs, I received 1)

Wander Franco $20.00

(Should receive 4, I received 4)

As if the above wasn’t good enough, this is where it gets really good.

Autograph 1: Eduardo Garcia $12.00

Autograph 2: Taylor Walls $6.00

Autograph 3: (GOLD #’d of 50: Bryan Ramos ($30.00)

Autograph 4: Heatwave Die Cut Spencer Torkleson (#’d 150) $400.00

4 Autographs worth $448.00 (just the autos covered the cost of the box)

Final Analysis:

Best box I think I have ever opened. Assuming $50 for the Baddoo (#’d to 10) there are 60 cards valued at $967.00, no doubles.

My normal analytics: 60 Cards $967.25 Paid: $300.00 Net +$667.25 $16.21/card 50% of the cards were base cards. ROI: 222%

Great Job Topps!
Congrats, Bill. I have seen several Bowman Best box breaks online and never saw anything close to what you got in this box. Even without the gigantic Tork auto, I think you probably would be feeling nearly as good - with the JRod, Atomic Wander, Cowser /50, Dominguez Refractor, and just so many nice cards. That auto just takes it to another level.
Holy cow!! That is quite a haul, especially with the Torkelson auto and the nice Wander card.
So, I guess I spoke too soon. I thought the last box was the best box I had ever opened. Well… I did so good on the last box I bought another one (2021 Bowman’s Best).. I won’t go into the extreme details like above:

This box was actually better than the last one

Base ($4.25/card): 32 base cards $136 (Pache $4.00; Witt $20, Rutschman $6; Menoah $4; Lawlar $10; House $8; Dominguez $12; Williams $5.00; Carlson $4; Ohtani $5; Hayes $5.00; Bart $4.00; Perez $4; Torkelson $12) (Slightly less than previous box)

Refractors 12 cards $47 ($3.92/card) (Cowser $10.00; Frelick $5.00; Mayer $10.00; Mize $4.00) (about ½ as good as last box)

Atomic 1 card $120 – You won’t believe this, but I pulled a SECOND Wander Franco Atomic Refractor valued at $120.00 (same as previous box)


Purple #’d 250 Luciano $8.00

Aqua Lava #’d 199 Jone $12.00

(2 cards valued at $20 – considerably less than previous box)


4 Future Vibrance valued at $25 (essentially the same)

Heatwave Diecuts 2 valued at $16 (House $6, Acuna $10)

1 Atomic Die Cut valued at $25.00 (Austin Martion)

(1/2 as good as the previous box)

Rookie Craftsmanship 1 valued at $5.00 (Pache)

Masterpeices 1 valued at $10.00 (Acuna)

2 Autographs
(Base) valued at $55 (Blaze Jordan $40 and J Quero $15)

1 Atomic Autograph of Garrett Whitlock (#”d 25) $60.00

And here you go:

1 RED AUTOGRAPH REDEMPTION OF MARCELO MAYER (#’d to 10) based upon what I see this is at least a $1,000.00 card. (the Atomic is #’d to 25 and is $800.00), I believe this is one of the most valuable cards in the set.

This is 60 cards with a book value of $1,520.00
Really awesome, love the 3 Red Sox autos. I am sure you are wondering if you should try your luck with a third box.
Box three was opened on Thanksgiving and it was not as good as the above. In one respect is was REALLY disappointing:

So I have purchased 5 boxes (including this one) and I still need 11 cards to finish the base set. In every box you get 32 base cards. I was hoping that this box would knock of many of the final eleven. This is the REALLY disappointing part. Not only did I get ZERO of the 11 I needed. I received EXACTLY the same 32 base cards that I received in Box 3 that I opened. I mean all 32 were exactly the same.

32 cards valued at $142


I have 65 of the 2021 Refractors and need 35. I figured I'd scratch a few of these off of the wantlist, but nope. I got 12 refractors and had everyone of them.
Highlights: Judge $10.00; Kelenic $6.00; Julio Rodriguez $50;

12 Refractors valued at $88.00 (**Unfortunately for me that is 44 of the 60 cards in the box and I already have all of these - this kind of box will make it card to finish the master set...)

as for the remaining 16 cards:
Future Vibrance
Recieved: 7 Yiddi Cappe 18 Maximo Acosta 33 Wander Franco ($10.00) 36 Henry Davis ($10.00)

4 cards valued at $25.00 (Unfortunately for me I only needed #7 Cappe, that is 47 of 48 that I already have)

Heat Wave Die Cuts

Received 2 Chisolm and Acuna $10 each
2 cards valued at $20 (I needed 1 so 48 of 50 I already had)

Rookie Craftsmanship

I recieved 1 Jo Adell valued at $4.00
1 card valued at $4, unfortunately I already had this card (that is 49 of 51 that I already have)


1 received 1 Dylan Carlson valued at $6.00
1 card valued at $6, I did need this card (49 of 52 that I already have)

Atomic Future Vibrance

1 recieved Jarred Kelenic $12.00
1 card valued at $12, I did need this card (49 of 53 that I already have)

Colors/Parallels (base)
Purple #'d 209/250 Jose Altuve $3.00
Green #'d 97/99 Aaron Judge $30.00
Atomic Casey Mize $5.00
3 cards valued at $38, I did need all three (48 of 56 that I already have)


Base Gunnar Hogland $10.00
Base Jose Garcia $25.00
Refractor Ezequiel Tovar $30.00
Blue #'d 150 Joey Bart $40.00
4 cards valued at $105.00, I did need all four (48 of 60 that I already have)

If I was not needing cards to complete the master set, its a pretty decent box - 60 cards $440. I will take that, I paid $296. Obviously not as good as the other boxes, but I'll take it. (Unfortunately for me I only scractched off 12 cards valued at $177.50 off of my want-lists)

I have one more 2021 coming for one of my son's Christmas Presents, I'll post the results here.