I got F'ed in the "A" by Topps!!!!


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somebody is going to hell for this!!!!



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redemptions and topps sucks...at least when i got redemptions from them back in like 05 i got schaub and jenkins auto uncirculated ones...


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But hey, they "greatly appreciate your business and continued interest in Topps' product." :doh:

Frandsen isn't a superstar by any means, so at least they could find the damn guy for the autos rather than dig up some stuff from 05.

Topps Redemption service = :ban:


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I'd much rather have Frandsen. He's one of my favorite Giants and he has a nice autograph. Very important for my personal collection.

No one ever believes me when I say that Topps is just as bad as UD is with redemption replacements. I got screwed with a Bowman Michael Rogers auto that they sent me for a Bowman Chrome Henry Sanchez auto. The way they send the redemptions is terrible too. All of my Billy Rowell's were coming out of their top loaders.


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Might be because UD sends you free stuff and invites you to special events.

It might be that I am going to stop posting on TCG because of BS statements like this. I rip products from all of the manufacturers, and just because I've been invited ONCE to an UD event so that I could criticitze their products doesn't mean that is special treatment. I had to pay for the hotel room and flight down there. I get treated better by casinos and strip clubs.
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