How do you count your cards?


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For anyone else as weird as me, if you keep track of your total cards owned of a certain player, do you count against the total number of BECKETT RECOGNIZED cards? For example see my sig. Do you say you have XXX/XXXX cards? Total cards? Minus 1/1 cards?

Or do you just count count total number owned of unique card items period?

The reason I ask is because the numbers and % in my sig. are based off of Beckett Recognized cards. Cards with both the MLB and MLBPA logos/licences. However, if you count "Star" sets and other oddball UNlicensed cards I can easily add at least 50 more unique Henderson cards. That would mis-represent the % owned though as those extra 50 are not Recognized my Beckett.



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I don't really count my cards as a percentage. I have no clue how many Vince Carter rookies there are, or how many Tony Parker cards exist. Heck, I don't even know how many Tony Parker cards I have. I know I have 4 Vince Carter graded rookies, but that's because they're sitting in front of me right on my desk. I guarantee there are Tony Parker cards in my Parker box that I'd swear I've never even seen, even though I'm the one who put them in the box. But...I'm fine with not knowing. I know there are more than I'll ever own, so there's always going to be something for me to chase. The exact numbers, though, I'm not really interested in.


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Does "TOO MANY!!!!" fit here? 😄

I don't collect a specific player, but if I did, I would probably just go with a total count and not use what "Beckett" or some other source recognizes and I would keep my own checklist in excel of what I have and what is missing? Not sure. I don't know what Beckett uses in their total, but there are so many parallels these day and ones numbered under 25 or to jersey numbers, that collecting every card has gotten extremely hard to do.