Going to see the Titans Vs Colts!!


Bench Warmer
So, my uncle and I have been planning to watch the Colts play against the Titans (he's a big fan of Peyton Manning) for quite a while now. I have season tickets (nosebleed) to the Titans after saving my little booty off this past year ... well my Uncle called me yesterday to tell me that my seats were too high and he wouldn't be able to see from up there because his eyes are going bad.

Then he proceeds to tell me that he got us seats for the game on the 50 YARD LINE - SEVEN ROWS OFF THE FIELD!!! It is going to be awesome! These tickets cost as much as my mortgage payment... I know it's a few months away, but i'm already getting excited!
Thought I posted in this thread before :ban:

Have fun, Go Titans!

*insert what I thought was Aaron quoting me with a ban emoticon in the thread i thought I posted in*

deja vu here myself. I thought I would beat you to the punch this time.:cheers: