retired hippie
I have some auctions up & thier only set up for USA shipping. This has not stopped people outside the US from bidding. I've got people from Canada, The Netherlands & more asking if I'd ship there. I also have people asking if I would lie on the customs form, it's gotten so bad I'm considering ending the auctions early then re-do them with Strict Terms & Conditions & what postage would be elsewhere. I'm not gonna commit a fraud over a piece of cardboard.

This has been really frustrating as I've never tried to sell High End Hocky. I know if I stated I'd ship anywhere I'd get more bids but I have NO IDEA what to ask for Canada or International Shipping & the ONLY way I would is if I could Track & Insure the shipment. I tried the USPS site but that just got me more confused. :(
I always state US and CANADA only without advance permission. I just mailed to pretty much all of eastern europe and finland without an issue.
For some reason I just shipped to canada and effing netherlands both cheaper than most places in the US.