For all who don't know me......


Bench Warmer has come to my attention that not all of you here know me......My name is Micah and I currently live in the Pacific NorthWest (surrounded by Seahawks fans)......I collect ex-USC players, mainly LenDale White, because I'm a die-hard Trojan fan.....I'm also a Silver and Black fan:cheers: and not a bandwagoner....I stick with my teams through the good and the bad. I'm a big Samoan so don't piss me off;) but seriously, I'm a nice guy.....I just don't get along well with the "typical BMB posters" who kiss the @$$e$ of the Mod's over there....exactly why I get along just fine over here.

I'm 26 and I have a beautiful little girl and I have a child on the way in September, and we find out what the sex is going to be tomorrow, so keep those fingers crossed for me, please.....I need a boy, because this is going to be the last one.....any more, and you'd never see me here again:lollol:
Ever been in the middle of a "Samoan Smores".................?

Me either, don't know even what it is, but it sounds fun:drool::safe:
hope you get a boy cause with girls you have every winky to worry about, with a boy you only have to worry about one winky:salut: