Fantasy Football software



Anybody here ever ran their own league or doing it now?

Years ago I ran a league using the Terry Bradshaw FF software. It was pretty good. Did all the calculations for you and gave the league a website where everyone could go and check out any reports, etc.

That software is gone now so am looking for a replacement for next year. The Bradshaw thing let you run a test year to try out the software so I was hoping to find something similar so I can test drive this season and run with it next.



Bench Warmer
You can use something like You can do your own live draft then input your own teams and whatnot. Thatw ay they track all points... your league members can go through the waiver wire and all that fun junk.... you can even custom the scoring AND as league commish you can change the total points of any player or team. Lotsa things you can do. And it's free!

... why do you want to run your own?