Entire collection must go!!!!!!!!! 50% or more off Beckett!!!


Bench Warmer
Hello, I am posting my entire collection (over 200,000 cards) on my new storefront at eCrater. Please stop by and check it out.

Feel free to reply here or send me an e-mail and let me know what you thought of the site as well.
hockeyrules555 said:
hey troy this guy pmed me i will send it to you right away.

I told him he could not post that link in his sig, and he's been arguing with me ever since. I even explained why. Then he PM's Steven to complain about me, and how unprofessional I am. The next post from him will be something else other than this topic, or he's gone. He's p.issing me off to no end already. Geez you explain to people that they're breaking the site rules, and they cry about their personal life thinking you'll say sorry and go ahead do what you want. Fock me I will beat this mother focker into cyber space if he messages once more on this subject!!! :mad: