Duhon the newest Knick


Bench Warmer
It is being reported that the Knicks and Chris Duhon have agreed to a deal. The deal looks like about $5.8 million a year for 2 years currently. Looks like the Knicks are slowly rolling over their roster.
I think it is pretty well nown that he won't even get a 2nd shot. I think he is outta their. Heck I wouldn't be surprised that if they cannot trade him and he causes issues that he will be kicked off the team and kept from entering the facilities.
Don't the Knicks have 20 Guards now? Let me see how many I can come up with:

Chris Duhon
Jamal Crawford
Nate Robinson
Stephon Maubury (for now)
Raymond Felton (if that trade went through yet)
Quinton Richardson
Renaldo Balkman

Did I get them all? It's just to many & it's time for a couple of F/C.