did topps inception screw up????


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so i was reading a post on blowout where a guy pulled a 1of1 of justin blackmon auto letterman B. heres were its strange on ebay theres already a 1of1 letterman B aoutograph for sale. so how does a 1of1 be two????? i mean seems hard to believe there would be two 1of1 of the exact same card???? any ideas?
Hmmmmm... Sounds weird 0.0 but Inceætion this year is all messed up, so I wouldnt be surprised to be honest.

One of em could be lying, one could be a faker, or Topps messed up.. or the designed a set to spell something else, so theres a Blackmon set and something else. Only thing I can think of with a B, would be Cowboys, OKS Cowboys..