2022 Bowman's Best Thoughts/Review


5.00 star(s)
No cards are for trade, just a review and my personal thoughts:
So my son bought his first box of ’22 Bowman’s Best….Like the last few years: 2 mini boxes 6 packs each box,5 cards per box and two mini boxes PRICE: $326.95

Unlike ’21 Bowman’s Best, ’22 reverts back to the ’20 and prior numbering system of Top Prospects with a TP and base set cards numbered without a prefix, these seem to be rookies and veterans. There are 70 Base and 30 Top Prospects. The Veterans have a silver background and the team emblem supersized behind the player. Like usual the back of the card outlines the best performance of that player in ’22. The TP have a similar back ground with a purple-hue.


We received 10 Top Prospects: JoshuA Baez, Kumar Rocker, Christian Hernandez Simon Juan, Elly De La Cruz, Jace Jung, Yasser Mercedes, Cristhian Vaquero, Oscar Colas, Elijah Green

We received 20 Veterans/Rookies: Highlights: Bryan De La Cruz, Bichette, Ohtani, Acuna, Franco,

Refractors are 1 per pack, so you should get 12:

We got 2 Top Prospects: George Velera and Gavin Cross

We got 10 Veterans/Rookies: Contreras, Alek Thomas, Yelich, Soto, Kwan, Judge, Montero, Lodlo, Heliot Ramos, Chisholm


Prospective Royalty – seems to outline potential up-and-coming prospects (1:3 packs should get 4) These are all refractors, they have like a shield appearance framed in brown.

We got 4: Elly De La Cruz, Marcello Mayer, Colton Cowser, Jace Jung

UFO – 1:6 should get two, we got 2

This insert set highlights players who it the ball “out of this world”. This could have been a great insert, but it to me is terrible. It has a child-like feel two it with almost hand drawn ufos on the cards. Very disappointing, when you buy Bowman’s Best doesn’t seem like you should get “kiddy” cards.

Received: Bryce Harper and Christhian Vaquero

Essential Elements (1:6, should get two, got two)

Insert set highlights, earth wind fire, focusing on power, defense, etc this is a decent design, more of what you would expect.

James Wood and Jackson Chourio

Global Impact (1:12 – should get one, got one)

This is an awesome insert set, cards are die-cut, insert set focuses on players who have a global presence.

Received: Aaron Judge

Atomic Parallel (1 per 12 packs – got one)

A hallmark of Topps products, the Atomic – We received Oscar Colas

Bowman Masterpieces (1:18, possible to get one, we got one)

Insert brought back from ’21, focuses on players who have a perfection in an area of baseball

Received: Oscar Colas

Aqua Lava (#’d 199, received one)

Samuel Munoz

Green Mini-Diamonds (#’d 99, received 1)

The new thing Topps has been doing with the mini-diamonds has been brought to Bowman’s Best with one example and that is Green Mini Diamonds

Received:Alek Thomas

Gold Lava Parallel (#’d 75, received 1)

Next to the Global Impact and the Green Mini-Diamond this is probably the 3rd nicest design of what we pulled.

Received: Oneil Cruz

Autographs (4 per box, received 4)

Kind of disappointed, Topps should make some kind a splash with a different design to the set. The last 7 years all of the autographs have kind of looked the same. They need to re-energize the design of the autographs

Received: Kumar Rocker, Juan Guerrero, Junior Perez and Refractor Denzer Guzman

All in all a very fun box to open.

Positives are: Gold Lava Parallel, Green Mini-Diamond and Global Impact

Disappointments: UFO does not belong in a Bowman’s Best set and the Autograph card designs are kind of ho-hum
Glad the product finally came out. It is just so strange to me to have the 2022 come out so late.

Good decision to go back to numbering the prospects differently than the MLB players so I am happy they went back to that. I have only seen some photos of these cards but had some of the same feelings as you - I pinpointed Global Impact as the insert set I will chase and thought gosh these autos look almost the same every year.

Good luck with the set - it's not going to be easy!