damaged cards!


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so i bought a few packs of 2012 prestige today nothing special. but one pack looks like it was thrown,kick,punched,slamned, tossed, chewed on and everything else. almost all but one card is not messed up. so looks like panini will again be getting a complaint from me again lol.
here are the pics not the best but i tried to show what it looks like.


Dang. That's rough.

I'm going through something similar with Inception. Except with Inception, every single card has bad edges. I've bought maybe 5 or 6 boxes of the stuff and have yet to find a card without bad edges. I guess it's a known problem but it really makes some otherwise gorgeous cards look like crap.

I wonder if your Prestige pack was due to someone just pack searching and manhandling all the other packs. Although I don't know exactly what you'd pack search for in Prestige.
yea im not sure man. but i sent a request in cause im not a fan of spending money on a pack of damaged cards. so ill see what they say. yea inception arent the best set of cards. but they look sweet!
I'm not so sure Panini is to blame here, really. I'm with Xian, in that I'd put my money on pack searchers being the cause of your bad packs. If anyone is to blame, other than the pack searchers, it's the store you bought them from for not making sure they're not tampered with.
yea the front card has deep markings but couldnt get it to show up on the pics. oh im sure its not paninis fault but im hoping they will at least give me a refund who knows. jus kinda sucks getting a pack all messed up imo.
another thing that pisses me off is when you buy cards from a retail store (grocery, target, walmart, etc) and the check out people just kind of toss them across the belt like they're normal groceries. i always cringe. they just don't even get that they could be turning a $50 card into a $20 card pretty easily.

or maybe i'm just hyper-sensitive about it. haha
no i agree with you. it sucks since theres no card store near me i buy from target or wally world. target seems the best though imo.
That's awful, hope they send you a couple extra packs as a "sorry dude!" :LOL:

Imagine if there had been a high profile auto in there...