Congrats Ducks!


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Emery looked like he lost all composure through this series. He didn't look like the goalie that helped get Ottawa to the Cup. Perhaps they should have put Gerber in. :D And I think it is awesome that Pronger played the rest of the game after seperating his shoulder in the first period.

Oh well, hopefully the Canes will step it up next year and make their way back into the hunt again.
i'm glad the ducks won

sad to see ottawa just fall apart this game and not come out playing like they wanted it but the ducks never let up. it was nicer to see that it wasn't full of elbows like the other games.

although i thought jiggy should have been mvp
Not impressed with how Ottawa played the entire series. They got manhandled. Anaheim is the bigger, more physical and playoff saavy team, but I was surprised Ottawa could not muster a better fight against them. Congrats to guys like Giguere, Pronger, Neidermeyer, etc. for nailing a cup down. Giggy's going to have alot of suitors come offseason since he's a free agent.
It's almost as good that a western team won it as well. Think of the last west coast team to win the cup as well. :eh:
Congrats MIGHTY DUCKS :cheers: I have to admit that the Ducks playing in the playoffs and doing well actually got me interested in checking the box scores and catching parts of the games when I could.

I have been to 2 Ducks games in the last 5 years and 2 Ice Dogs games , Hockey is not my thing but it is way better in person than on the tube. I know they're not MIGHTY anymore......:)

This mornings LA Times said the last team to win it all from Canada was 1993.
This mornings LA Times said the last team to win it all from Canada was 1993.
Montreal over Los Angeles. That's the first year I really remember watching hockey.

Stupid Senators... :devilish:

Here's hoping the Sharks can actually get past the second round next season. With as much talent as they have, it's inexcusable that they haven't made it further in the playoffs.