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I thought we should have a central location to discuss our individual collecting interests within the hobby. I'll start it off.

In General:

I just collect anything that catches my eye, really. It doesn't matter what sport. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a sports card.


First and foremost, I collect Dallas Cowboys. Usually, though, I only "PC" lifelong Cowboys, or guys who spent a majority of their career as a Cowboy.


I collect rookie cards, and have a few autographs, of Tony Parker and Vince Carter. I've also been considering starting the same type of collection with Tim Tebow.


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Sounds great!

I collect everything baseball along with other sports if they catch my eye. I have recently started collecting more basketball as more and more Kentucky Wildcats flood the NBA. As for teams that I emphasize, the Reds are by far the most in my PC. I am always in the market for vintage as I still love to read the backs of the old cards for the interesting tidbits. I really enjoy finding people to do trades with, as it reminds me of when I was a kid collecting.


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Hmmm I mostly try to collect my teams: Nationals, Orioles, Capitals, Redskins, Rams. Vintage currently concentrating on baseball 60s/70s. And I guess Topps flagship sets at least for baseball. Football I'm more about the vintage Topps and current for my teams. I like autograph cards (auto but not to be confused with car racing cards) prefer them to be of players I actually know and want to collect. They are starting to overdo the auto card thing now. I don't like GU or EU. I've never liked the concept of them but unfortunately I started getting some when I joined group breaks. I'm mixed about rookies. I like getting regular rookie cards, you know the "first" card of a player, but in recent years with Bowman and other sets where rookie players and unsigned players are the main focus I feel they have once again flooded the market with too much. I do not like college uniform cards, unless the player is identified clearly on the card as to which pro team he signed with. I don't follow College ball so I have no idea who 99% of those guys are and probably never will.


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Well.. as the only one as of this post who checked off every box in the what do you collect thread.. I collect a lot of different stuff :LOL:

I mainly collect Alex Brink, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Beanie Wells, Vitor Belfort and all years/sports of Upper Decks Ultimate Collection.

But besides that, I collect a lot of different players. Dez Bryant, Justin Blackmon, Mario Williams, Eli Manning, Lebron James, Arvydas Sabonis, John Tavares, Danish hockey players and a ton of other people. I also collect Green Bay Packers, Detroit Red Wings and Portland Trailblazers.

Everything wrestling and UFC.. and besides sports I collect movie and Tv stuff. Alias, Star Trek, Lost and random actors/actresses I like's autos..

Basically.. everything :LOL:


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My main collecting interests are anything from ther New York Giants (mainly Eli Manning and Mario Manningham), Detroit Tigers (mainly Rick Porcello and Jack Morris), and the University of Michigan. I don't just collect cards from these teams/players, I will pick up just about anything with them on it.