***CLOSED***- (2) 2022 Topps Heritage High Number Hobby Boxes - 10 Slot - Pick 1 team / Draft 2 team. $17 first slot, $13 additional.


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20230902_160128.jpg20230902_160338.jpg20230902_160457.jpg20230902_160600.jpgI'm seeing if we can fill our first break we we're running on Facebook. Go hunting for the stud Rookie class of 2022 and all your favorite baseball stars!

This is a 10 slot break, pick1 team / get 2 teams by random draft in 2 draft rounds.

Slots are $17 with shipping included and $13 for additional slots.

Once the break fills I will randomize the draft order for two rounds so participants can pick the remaining 20 teams.

We will schedule a live stream on our YouTube channel once the break fills, payments are collected, and the draft rounds are completed.

Getting goosegged sucks! Receive a $10 credit towards a future break if you don't get any cards!

1. Royals - Chad Bosley **FACEBOOK**
2. Mariners - Matt Grizzell **FACEBOOK**
3. Angels - Callaway Smith **FACEBOOK**
4. Phillies - Robert Topping **FACEBOOK**
5. Pirates - Daniel Beck **FACEBOOK**
6. Cardinals - Jeff Hamlett **FACEBOOK**
7. Braves - Matt Grizzell **FACEBOOK**
8. Dodgers - Brian Smith
9. Astros - Brian Smith
10. Rangers - Brian Smith

I'll post a payment request in transaction manager once the break fills.

What's included: (2) Hobby Boxes 2022 Topps Heritage High Number. Each box contains 24 packs of 9 cards.

What's at stake: 432 cards! 2 Autographed or Relic Cards! 2 Oversized Box Loaders! Inserts and more!

Checklist: https://www.beckett.com/.../2022-topps-heritage-high.../

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