*Break Complete, Hits posted* FountainTown SCC Break #2 - (3) 2023 Topps 206 Low Series boxes : Pick 1 Team / Draft 1 Team

Ok, here's what we'll do. I'm going to do this break Wednesday 9/12 at 8:15am central. If Nknodle isn't able to respond by then I'll random draft him two teams. Sorry for the delay guys!
All, I’m so sorry… our baby girl was born and I went dark when rushing to the hospital. I’m paying attention now. Again. Very sorry!
WOW! Congrats man! That's epic! Only a slightly higher priority than a card break 😆

Just grab your two draft teams from this list:

Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Guardians
Colorado Rockies
Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers
Philadelphia Phillies
San Francisco Giants
Tampa Bay Rays
Washington Nationals
Here is the link to the prize give away video, totally spaced on that in the live stream!

Congrats to Nknodle for winning the Judges, cornwellfamily takes the Bobby Witts, and the Carroll's go to bdink25!

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Here's the hits from our 3 box 206 Break. Thanks all who participated! We got some Colon ink! Nice Uzit back Jrod and nice Pirates cards with print runs of 20 on the wood paper stock Cruz and 25 on the morton brick back Hayes!20230913_092148.jpg20230913_092240.jpg20230913_093112.jpg20230913_093126.jpg
Is there a link to the break itself? Trying to navigate this site isn’t my strong suit (new user issues). Thank you for the break!