Football CFL: who's watching?


the stands look full of rabid football fans, i've seen a few games on tv since i've been in canada, does anyone else on here follow the CFL?

seems to be exciting with the emphasis on the passing game, and alot of names i recognize from college football, and or final NFL cuts.

also david boston is here trying to revive his career.

any thoughts?
I live in Canada so I pretty much have to follow it. The Bombers are the biggest sports team in Winnipeg, which is sad. Overall the CFL is a very bad league, its all NFL cuts or guys who can't make it big. Sometimes you will see a sick grab or big hit but overall its not very fun to watch. The big thing I hate about it is 3 downs. Canadian football would be so much better as a whole if we just played by the American rules. That way, our youth would be more adapted to the game and more opportunities would be there for the future.
tracey hackler.... or is that arena football? nobody knows, nobody cares, the CFL is where the NFL banishes its less succesful players to play so they can feel important... only one has returned triumphant... and his name we shall never speak.