cards FT low end please take a look plus THIS COULD BE


Bench Warmer
srry i meant this could be the worst tradeing foum ive ever been to its just like no one wants to trade me ,i got some good cards its like people are ignoring me .so what im 13 what does that have to do with anything. i am a sports lover too, give me some time. :starwars: its like star wars here i am battling for freedom of the trade but darth hater (people who hate teenagers) hate me and you know i got an alliance and they trade me stuff i trade them stuff i get respect to be probably the youngest trader here and a darn good one so this might be my last trade here btw to those who have traded with me im mailing out monday tommarow

troy aikman pro set 1990
2 micheal irvin pro set 1990
rookie&stars drew brees shiney card
james lofton pro set bills card1991
dream team barry sanders score
joe ferguson pro set
jay cutler 2007 card when he was a bronco
two pro set barry sanders 1991
brett favre card packers HAD AN old one
troy aikman 1991 pro set
2 warren moons pro set
steve young upper deck 91 card