Buying Inserts, Serial Numbered and Game Used


Bench Warmer
I am buying 2009-2010 inserts, serial numbered cards and Game Used / Auto's from all sports. I am paying the following prices:

$0.10 for all inserts
$0.15 for all serial numbered cards
$1.25 for all game used & auto's

The following restrictions apply. ALL Cards must be from 2009-2010. I will buy any inserts, from any sports with the following exceptions:

- No regular Topps Football or Topps Chrome Football inserts of any kind (unless it is serial numbered). Refractors are fine.
- No regular Topps baseball inserts from 2009. Topps Golds (/2009) are fine. Topps Chrome is fine. Anything from 2010 is fine.

I am looking to buy larger lots. No deals under $20 please. Please PM me if you have any questions.