Bubble mailers for 11.4 cents each


retired hippie
No more buying bubble mailers at Office Max for me, I've been paying 18.65 + sales tax for 25. I tried this E-Bay store out, the closest was in KY. Hit the BIN on the 2nd & recieved by Fed-Ex on the 4th, Mailers look to be as advertised so if your selling a lot of stuff & want to cut costs try this route. Combine these with Pay-Pal Postage & you can really cut shipping costs on the cheaper stuff you want to move.

here's the seller I used, there are others out there & other deals with smaller amounts, the seller is dodgeing E-Bay fee's big time but that's not my problem -

definitely buy in bulk via ebay or even cheaper if they have their own website... i usually go through www.esupplystore.com and get 500 of 000..but your link was awesome for just 250 of the bigger size ones!! thanks!