Block this guy from bidding on your auctions


Bench Warmer

Here's the deal. He e-mailed me today asking if I ship to Japan because he wanted to buy a Carmelo card I had in my store. I said no, sorry, no paypal to Japan and especially not to someone with a feedback score of one. He replied with some crap like "f*** you @$$hole." I thought hey, who cares, and just forgot about it (after reporting him of course :D ).
So I open my email just now to see my Henry championship ticket, another henry 1/1 auto, the Carmelo card as well as my Chad Jackson lettermen all sold via BIN from my store. Now, these things are so ridiculously overpriced I don't even expect to get 75% of the BINs. I go to myebay, and of course, the buyer is masahiko1972. I reminded him again that I don't accept paypal to Japan. I blocked him because I'm sure he's just doing it to piss me off and has no intention of paying. Now I need to go through the whole NPB process just to get all my money back from fees (which is quite a bit, considering how high FVF's are for store items, and this was more than $1000 worth), then relist everything.

sorry for the rant, but everyone should block this POS asap.
that is why you block users registered from outside the US...


sure its bad for a few fine folks, but all in all you dont have the dillholes like this guy
Go to the site map, and go to my account section. Click on Preferences. There should be a section on Buyer requirements. You can change it there.

that sounds about right...its been over a year since i changed it, but you can check around the 'seller' area on the site map or the 'live (no) help' sure ive lost some bids, but to not have to deal with a raging fool like that makes it worth it in the scope of things...i have yet to have 1 dispute filed on me EVER and i dont plan on it happening anytime soon either, if it does, ive got my tracks covered
Nice that he's wasted a bundle of your time simply because he's a twerp. Good luck fixing it all and moving a few of those.