Black Friday Weekend Special!!


Bench Warmer
I have 7 pre-made lots available for 12.50 Paypal. Each lot has a book value of at least $75.00 and contains at least 1 game-used & 1 autograph card. One of these 7 lots has a book value of at least 125.00. I'm not holding anything back in these. Rookies, inserts, chrome, and numbered cards are all going out. One lot contains a Brady Quinn RC. There are plenty of surprises in these lots for any collector. I guarantee that you will not be disapointed!
All 7 of these lots are packaged already and will be drawn randomly and sent to the buyers. I have no way of knowing who gets which lot!
PM or E-Mail me for a fast response. Get these cards now before they're all gone!
how many do you have left? i'll take what you have left, pm me your paypal addy and i'll send payment monday. thanks!