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For anybody that missed it, Billy Hamilton, the top prospect for the Reds, broke the 30 year old minor league stolen base record while playing for 2 different levels this year. He has had 146 stolen bases in 122 games (at last check) and broke the record of Vince Coleman. I had the pleasure of watching him last year while he played for the Dayton Dragins. He has a rare combination of speed and a great read of the pitchers. It will be fun to se if this talent will translate to the majors, but we will probably have to wait a couploe more years before we find out. This is just another sign that baseball is getting back to the old school ways as they get further away from the steriod era.

I found out cause your sig told me :p

Very cool, and I hope for the Reds(and you as a Reds fan) that it does translate to the majors.