Big Hit! Druw Jones, Weimer 1/1 Contest 12 Pick the Player, who's Auto I Pull from Vivid Box 2!


5.00 star(s)
Great Box!
Druw Jones Ba-DJ1 31/40 #2 overall Diamondbacks
Dylan Beavers T-DB1 6/25
Joey Wiemer T-JW1 1/1 Brewers in Majors
Drew Gilbert BA-DG2 16/20 Minnesota 1st Round
Dwight Gooden/Ken Waldichuk 5/15 A's in Majors
Owen Murphy PC-OM1 18/35 Braves 1st Round

Thanks Bob

Simple Contest...
Breaking 2022 Leaf Vivid
Each box contains 6 autographs of Vivid Baseball

So, just guess the name of one of the players that I pull and win one of the card choices below, not one the Leaf Vivid cards.

2022 Leaf Vivid Baseball Cards Checklist

2022 Leaf Vivid Baseball checklist, set details, buy boxes, release date, review. Featuring stars & prospects, Hobby boxes have 6 autographs.

One pick per person! Multiple winners available depending on correct choices. Card will be mailed in a PWE.

Contest activates when one of my current breaks hit the target price! Current breaks are: $112 left to go! and 8 spots left to go at $12 a spot!

Pick the Player 12
Anthony Volpe - zlw1
Elly De La Cruz - kpit1978
Eury Perez - LarryG
Francisco Alvarez - anglinomics
Gunnar Henderson - Eliatack
Jace Jing - bdink25
Jack Leiter - Bobbyd9179
Jordan Lawlar - Scobes
Jordan Lawlar - rtsjr
Kumar Rocker - mm1sub
Luis Matos - giants1249er
Maikel Garcia giants12249er
Ronald Acuna - HabsFan6

Everything go on vacation on July 23rd!
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This was to let people who were in on contest 12 above, that the new contest 13 is available and weimer is not among the players in the set. Please go to the contest 13 to place your pick.
Thanks Bob