Baseball 2021 Panini Mosaic Baseball 1 Hobby Box 3 Autos & 1 Quick Pitch 1 Auto Plus Mystery Blaster

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5.00 star(s)
Target $200 Bids $102 To Go $98 Over half way point
Will still be taking bids, while on vacation. Back around Sept. 10.

Throwing out this oldie but goodie.
2021 Panini Mosaic Baseball 1 Hobby Box 3 Autos and 1 Quick Pitch Box 1 Auto Plus Mystery Blaster
Appearing as a standalone MLBPA set for the first time, 2021 Panini Mosaic Baseball offers a mix of Optichrome parallels, inserts and autographs.
Each Hobby box should contain three autographs.
2021 Panini Mosaic Baseball Base / Parallels
The new baseball brand debuts with 280 cards in the base set.
On top of that, 2021 Panini Mosaic Baseball features many parallels and six of these are exclusive to Hobby/FOTL boxes. This includes Mosaic Red (2 per box) and Mosaic Purple. Each Hobby box also has five Silver Prizms.
There are exclusive Quick Pitch parallels, as well.

2021 Panini Mosaic Baseball Inserts​

Moving to the inserts, 2021 Panini Mosaic Baseball works in Field Vision, for 12 top defensive names, and International Men of Mastery, which highlights 15 examples of global talent. Additional lines include Locked In and Rookie Debut.

2021 Panini Mosaic Baseball Hobby Box Break Average​

  • 3 Autographs
  • 2 Mosaic Red Parallels
  • 5 Silver Prizms

2021 Panini Mosaic Baseball Quick Pitch Box Break Average
8 cards per pack. 18 packs per box. 20 boxes per case.
  • 1 Autograph
  • 10 Mosaic Quick Pitch Silver Parallels
  • 1 Silver Prizm
  • 1 Rookie Variations Quick Pitch
Plus additional Mystery Blaster of 36 cards!
266 cards total in the Break! Plus the usual extra cards

Look for RCs and autos of Ke'Bryan Hayes RC, Jazz Chisholm RC, Jarred Kelenic RC, Alec Bohm RC

Pick your team break and the Target is only $200, including shipping.
Once the Target has been hit, I will make a transaction. Once confirmed, I will send out invoices. After all the payments have been received, I will set a time for the break and initiate a YouTube break and list it here.
Any Questions? Please Ask.
Thanks Bob

2021 Mosaic BaseballBid
Arizona Diamondbacksaspoe203
Colorado Rockiessmithbrian524
Los Angeles Dodgerssmithbrian524
San Diego Padresgwynn_fan
San Francisco GiantsBobbyd9179
Chicago Cubsprospector9
Cincinnati Redsrtsjr
Milwaukee Brewersaspoe093
Pittsburgh PiratesBobbyd9179
St. Louis Cardinalssmithbrian524
Atlanta BravesBobbyd9179
Miami Marlinsmcgwirenut
New York Metssmithbrian524
Philadelphia PhilliesPhillies
Washington Nationalsrtsjr
Houston AstrosTherion
Los Angeles AngelsMechjo16
Oakland Athleticssmithbrian524
Seattle MarinersBobbyd9179
Texas Rangersaspoe203
Chicago White SoxBobbyd9179
Cleveland Indianssmithbrian524
Detroit TigersMechjo
Kansas City Royalssmithbrian524
Minnesota Twinssmithbrian524
Baltimore Oriolesrtsjr
Boston Red Soxrubypup
New York Yankeesrtsjr
Tampa Bay RaysBobbyd9179
Toronto Blue Jayssmithbrian524
Target $200To Go
1/1 Bounty to first to pull one...
2022 USA Baseball Stars and Stripes Jumbo Materials #60 Druw Jones 17/50
Prizes for additional 1/1s

Lowest Serial Number card = $5 in a future break.
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