Break Complete! 2022 Panini Mosaic Baseball 32 Hanger Pack Half Case Team Auction Style Group Break


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Okay I really like the look of these cards and I think a few people missed out on their teams in round one when we did the full case break…so I wanted to see if there is enough interest to do a team auction style break for a 32 Hanger Pack Half Case of 2022 Panini Mosaic Baseball. Please let me know if you would like to try a TEAM AUCTION STYLE group case break for ONE 32 HANGER PACK HALF CASE of 2022 PANINI MOSAIC BASEBALL.

Case Configuration:

-32 Hanger Packs per half case

Hanger Pack Configuration:

-20 cards per box


Hanger Box Exclusive

4 Mosaic Reactive Orange parallels


Parallels: Reactive Orange (3:1), Silver Prizm (1:2), Mosaic (1:2), Mosaic Green (1:2), Mosaic Genesis (1:121), Mosaic Blue Fluorescent (#d/15), Holo Black (#d 1/1)

Base 200-card set

Rookies 64-card set


Parallels: Mosaic Reactive Orange (1:3), Silver Prizm (1:11), Mosaic (1:11), Mosaic Green (1:11), Mosaic Genesis (1:873), Mosaic Blue Fluorescent (#d/15), Holo Black (#d 1/1)

2021 Award Winners (1:6) 6-card set

1980s Stars (1:4) 10-card set

1990s Stars (1:4) 10-card set

2000s Stars (1:4) 10-card set

Parallels: Mosaic (1:2), Mosaic Green (1:2) Reactive Orange (#d/99)

Rookie Debut (1:3) 20-card set

Aces (1:4) 15-card set

Bang! (1:4) 15-card set

Will to Win (1:5) 12-card set

Big Fly (1:5) 12-card set

Holofame (1:5) 12-card set

Grand Salami (1:6) 8-card set

Hot Sauce (1:8) 6-card set

Autograph Cards

Parallels: Holo (1:234), Gold (1:427), Orange (1:1,072)

Scripts (1:127) - 100-card set

20 Cards Per Pack

Product Info:

Here is how this break will work. There are 30 teams and the auction price will start at $1 for each team. Members will have a chance to bid on their teams and the highest bidder will get that team and all cards from that team from the break. MINIMUM BID INCREASE IS $1. BIDDING ENDS AND TEAMS ARE SET IF/WHEN WE REACH THE BREAK TARGET PRICE OF $140.

After teams are set I will add this to the Trade Manager along with my PayPal address.

This half case has been ordered so we should be able to do this break right around when it fills if there is enough interest.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

Teams and Bids:
Arizona Diamondbacks $2 darkman PAID
Colorado Rockies $1 grapler135s PAID
Los Angeles Dodgers $7 grapler135s PAID
San Diego Padres $4 grapler135s PAID
San Francisco Giants $2 gestes72 PAID
Chicago Cubs $6 cubman1941 PAID
Cincinnati Reds $5 darkman PAID
Milwaukee Brewers $4 bfd13 PAID
Pittsburgh Pirates $7 LarryG PAID
St. Louis Cardinals $8 cardhunterpr PAID
Atlanta Braves $8 grapler135s PAID
Miami Marlins $1 grapler135s PAID
New York Mets $3 darkman PAID
Philadelphia Phillies $8 darkman PAID
Washington Nationals $4 Mechjo16 PAID
Houston Astros $6 darkman PAID
Los Angeles Angels $10 cardhunterpr PAID
Oakland Athletics $2 dad3309@ PAID
Seattle Mariners $10 darkman PAID
Texas Rangers $3 dragonslayer913
Chicago White Sox $3 darkman PAID
Cleveland Guardians $3 dad3309@ PAID
Detroit Tigers $3 Criollos PAID
Kansas City Royals $5 gestes72 PAID
Minnesota Twins $4 dashcol PAID
Baltimore Orioles $2 rtsjr PAID
Boston Red Sox $3 Criollos PAID
New York Yankees $10 cardhunterpr PAID
Tampa Bay Rays $4 darkman PAID
Toronto Blue Jays $2 darkman PAID

Total Needed to Reach Box Break Price: $0

Red Font = Recent Bid (with under $50 to go!)
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