Beware buying High End UD Redemption stuff


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The following was obtained from another board I'm a member of, thought it was important enough to share here in case anyone's thinking about buying a High End Redemption from UD on E-Bay or anywhere else.

Members user name from TCC is Battie4, don't know much about him he is a newer user on the site. I have no reason not to belive it so without further todo here's a copy of his post -

I recently pulled out of the 2007 UD Black packs Basketball a redemption for a Diamond CLub Membership. Obviously at the time I was thrilled that I pulled something like this, and then to find out on top of it being a very hard pull that there was only 5 of these put into the UD Black packs. Considering that there were over 20,000 UD Black packs I knew it was a hard pull. I had yet to decide whether to trade or redeem the redemption, but myself and a friend called Upper Deck to get more information about what exactly was the Diamond Club because he weas interested in trading for it. To our surprise we were told that Upper Deck was no longer honoring these redemptions. They literally said that moments before we called they had recieved an email from the higher uppers in their department stating that they would no longer be honoring these redemptions (this sounds oddly too much of a coincidence........) and that they would instead be replacing it with a memorabilia piece. Now Im not asking for too much, but I do like to believe that there is at least a little bit of honor in this industry and if one of THE PREMIER pulls out of a product cannot be satisfied I find that strangely disturbing. I mean on the redemption card it says that I have until Feburary of 2010 to redeem the redemption and already upper Deck has decided that they cannot honor it? I can understand if it was a 40 or 50 dollar card and the player never signs ok I can see why they can replace that, but they want to replace a $1000 redemption because they decided on that day they they dont want anymore people in the diamond club? I find it very troublesome taht Upper Deck is trying to pull a stunt like this. Also when I asked if the memorabilia piece would be worth $1000 the upper deck representative could not guarentee it. I feel that the hobby community has a right to know about this because I for one will have a very hard time trusting anything Upper Deck puts in its products anymore

Excuse the fuming but I think people should know about this cause this is pretty ridiculous in my opinon.

Jon Chang

After a few reply's that you can guess the responses, this was a follow up post of his in the thread -

yeah Ive read quite a bit and talked to quite a few member sthat are in the diamond club. At least the members I talked to did not really seem to be bothered by having someone join like that. Also not to be bragging anything but with the money I spend at card shops I can most definently make this type of club on my own. I easily spend close to 6 figures at card shops yearly on just boxes and thats probably not including all the consignment and other stuff too.

The main reason Im upset is that I know a friend who wanted to be in the club but now he cant if he was to trade for the redemption. It just irks me that they can just pull a prize like this off the table.

Also when I was told them were going to replace this redemption with a meorabilia piece I asked them if they did that if I could choose a memorabilia piece myself that I believe would compensate for the club. Well the customer rep said immediately no. THey said that they would choose it.........I mean at least in my opinon give me back something I want of my choosing that I beleive will go for $1000 not what UDA has priced at $1,000 (casue we all know UDA stuff is WAY WAY overpriced), but of course Upper Deck refuses to even let me choose something like that.

Also literally spent 3 hours today trying to get the customer service manager and the reps I talked to yesterday back on the phone to give me a definitive answer as to why exactly they cant honor the original redemption and of course two of them are not answering their phones and the third took the day off.........right.........all day

Jon Chang

Didn't want anyone here getting stuck buying something like this on E-Bay which is why I showed it here. Don't know about the rest of you but I'd be on the telephone to a lawyer.
I want my own club, and i have no idea what that post is talking about something about diamonds and memorabillia is all I can gather.
I would go to the Better Business burreau or maybe even the state Attorney General if they pulled that crap with me. What is the Diamond Club anyways? It sounds very high end
I'm sure there is something on the redemption that will get them out of it but I would still write to the Attorney General's office for the state and see if anything can be done.
I'm sure there is something on the redemption that will get them out of it but I would still write to the Attorney General's office for the state and see if anything can be done.

yeah, that really stinks. NOt sure why they would put that in as a redemption anyway... :rolleyes:
Sounds like they don't want him in because he doesn't spend thousands of dollars a year on their product, and because he got lucky and pulled a redemption. If they didn't want poor people in the club they should have never put a redemption to be in the club into packs.
Follow up from TCC on this story -

Below is a paste of his Update from UD & what they are going to replace the membership with. It's nice but . . . . . .

This is what Upper Deck says they will be sending in replacement for the Upper Deck Diamond Club Membership its a 16x20 signed photo numbered to 5..............

If there is anyone on the boards here who knows pricing on UDA stuff please let me know what you guys believe this would actually sell for Thanks!

heres a photo they sent me


If anyone knows anything about UDA stuff please let me know what you believe this would actually go for

TO me it doesnt seem to be worth $1000
eh, who wants to go to the Diamond Club convention in my place? It's in San Diego the weekend before the National. I have to take my gf to Monterey.

It says that they can remove people at anytime, and only give people access to a website. Is access to a website worth $1000? It said nothing about getting free stuff or guaranteed to attending any meetings. You want to be part of a club that selects you to attend a meeting to hear your opinion, on your own time and money to travel to it? It's not like they will hear your opinion anyway, we've been bitching about redemptions for the last 5 years and nothing has changed. So if they are going to send him a framed Lebron James autographed picture, when nothing is stopping UD from letting you in their website club for 1 day and removing you the next? I would take it and run as fast as I could. If he is only pissed because he was going to sell/trade it to a friend for $1000 and now can't, well too bad.