Hockey BEST HOCKEY STICK ... your Vote?


Bench Warmer
What Do you think is the BEST hockey stick???

- I Currently Use

Vector 10.0
Vapor XX

i used to Use:

RBK 7k


I think the Stealth is Overrated , although its my Main stick right now ... its super light but not very good feel.
Vector 10 is Really good , its light and has a preety good feel , but seems to break easily ... ive snapped a few of them preety fast.

My Vote for Best Stick is the Bauer ONE90 ... the Feel is extremely good ... and its super Light ... and havent broken one yet sooo ... its Got my Vote.

these are my top two!

I HATE when I break a stick ..... I cant remember the brand, but we used to play street hockey and I broke my stick...went to the store to grab another one...came back...2 hits later...BROKEN AGAIN.... I cant remember what that piece of junk was LOL
well ... i hate Roy so id burn'em in my camp Fire if i had them :)

as for WOOD Sticks ... after using so many of the NON-wood sticks ... i did try some wood out again and ... just dont like them ... and its not so much that they wiegh So Much , they just dont have good feel ... plus i like an extremely STIFF Stick ... my RBK 7K's were Custom made stiffer then any you can buy in a Store ...

Vector 10 is Ovechkins stick ... good but breaks easily , i also use Vector10 skates ...

I used to play competitive Hockey , now i just play for fun ... although its still competitive , as Hockey should be ...

I Like playing pickup/Shinny the best though as i get to play with my G/f :)
( Who is a Really good player by the way ).

She plays in a League right now with girls/women who have played on Team CANADA ... although non on Her team , however she is the top scorer and best player on her team ...