Attention Newfie and Others Your Assistance Please

Real or Fake ?

Don't have a record of #9/160 in my database which is a huge bummer. I have 106 of the 160 Chad Johnson's(66% of the total made) and they all contain just one or two colors. They are either all white, or mostly white with a sliver of orange.

I do have scans of three CJ's SPA's that do contain the Bengals logo in the patch, but they have all been tampered with.

I can't give you a definite "yes or no" with this card, but in almost 6 years since the 2001 SPA's have been out I have never come across a legitimate CJ that contained part of the Bengals logo.
Thank you for your help. If you haven't seen a legitmate chad johnson logo in the past 6 years I'm going to take it as them more than likely not making one with a logo. Like you said all I've ever seen are mostly one color or slightly two. I think ill just pass on it.