Baseball Complete! 2024 Topps Heritage Mega Box (4) Lot & 2022 Series 2 Fat Packs


5.00 star(s)
Live Break Link
(4) 2024 Topps Heritage Mega Boxes
(6) 2022 Topps Series 2 Fat Packs
(1) 2021 Topps Series 1 Tin


The way I’m doing this one is, PYT (pick your team) among 15 teams and then the other 15 will be randomized.

Each team spot is $16 each or 4/$60. Prices are shipped! PayPal F&F requested, but G&S is available for 4.9% in addition.

In heritage, look for exclusive blue chrome parallels, chrome and chrome refractor serial numbered, exclusive gold foil board inserts, Topps 3D Heritage, Relics and Real One Autographs!

In Series 2, look for JROD and Witt variation R.C. and autos, parallels, inserts, serials, autos and relics!

In series 1 look for exclusive redux parallels, chrome 70yrs, autos, parallels and more!

Teams Taken
Chicago Cubs LarryG
San Francisco Giants LarryG
Colorado Rockies LarryG
Miami Marlins mcgwirenut
Detroit Tigers mcgwirenut
Houston Astros mcgwirenut
Arizona Diamondbacks mcgwirenut
Minnesota Twins mcgwirenut
Tampa Rays mcgwirenut
Oakland A’s gestes72
Milwaukee Brewers gestes72
Cleveland Guardians journeyman
Washington Nationals rtsjr
Toronto Blue Jays OldNewRips
Chicago White Sox OldNewRips
  1. mcgwirenut Royals
  2. journeyman Pirates
  3. oldnewrips Rangers
  4. mcgwirenut Reds
  5. oldnewrips Dodgers
  6. gestes72 Braves
  7. mcgwirenut Mets
  8. gestes72 Mariners
  9. larryg Yankees Red Sox
  10. mcgwirenut Red Sox Yankees
  11. larryg Phillies
  12. mcgwirenut Padres
  13. larryg Angels
  14. mcgwirenut Cardinals
  15. rtsjr Orioles

The other 15 teams not listed will be randomize once all of the spots are claimed and paid for.
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Alrighty then! Closing this one out... Will post sales here shortly. Once they are paid we will do the randoms. 🥳
Going to do the randoms here shortly... The break will be tonight barring setbacks (approx 700pm eastern/400 pm pacific)

(random video)
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