Baseball Another A+ Job by UD on Replacements


So for the past couple of years I haven't been too happy with what UD has sent to me for replacements, but the past few I have received have been very good. Most folks around here know about my nightmare ballpark auto/jersey set. I collected all 84 including redemtions of jeter (x2), griffey (x2), Bill Hall and Melvin Mora back in Sept of 08 they were redeemed. The short version is that the cards weren't made and replacements would be sent out. I received a Griffey UD Masterpiece Auto replacement for one of the Griffeys about 2 months ago and put in for replacements on the others not long after. I received a phone call today from Ben Koebler who is the UD replacement supervisor, he called to make sure what he was sending out for the outstanding replacements was up to par-

So- for the 2 jeters I am receiving:
2008 Ultimate Collection Bronze Dual Patch Auto 1/5 Derek Jeter :wow1:

For the outstanding Griffey:
2009 Ultimate Collection Inscriptions /1524 Ken griffey Jr.

And for the Mora and Hall:
2009 Sweet Spot Sweet Beginings Rookie Auto 514/550 Pablo Sandoval

Now 2 Jeters autos is almost aways nicer than 1, but I think I did pretty darn good and I am extremely happy with the other 2 replacements. Ben was super cool and said he's been collecting for 15 years and it showed, very knowledgable guy! So, for all things that have been garbage in the past they sure seem to have been making it up lately- for me anyways! I don't know if you can call UD and get in touch with Ben directly but I think it's worth a shot if you're willing to pick up the phone.

PS- sounds like UD will be doing some great stuff with their collegiate license!


Wow I've had nothing but nightmares from UD lol. For my 09 Ult Collection replacement, I got a 08 SP Threads card. Glad somebody gets something decent, other than their leftover garbage


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Yea thats not bad, the worst experience I've ever had was with Topps tho. I won a free Hall of Fame Autographed Baseball a few years back and sent it in. I never heard anything after a year so I finally got ahold of someone that helped me. They ended up sending me that year of Topps complete set. I was a little upset as I would of rather had the auto ball.


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well well if hes been collecting for over 15 years i wonder what stuff walks out the door with him when he goes home.


wow, so because he works for UD and has been collecting for 15 years he's automatically a theif? Who pee'd in your cereal?


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Very nice stuff! I had the pleasure of talking to Ben myself and he definitely took care of me! Definitely one of UD's best!