Accidentally posted positive feedback....


Bench Warmer
and realized that I didn't get the card. I had bought a BGS 9 2003 Bowman Chrome autograph Delmon Young and a BGS 9.5 2003 Bowman Chrome autograph of Delmon Young.

I received the BGS 9.5, and accidentally left positive feedback for the seller on Ebay. I sent them a message through Ebay, and they didn't respond, so I had to file a claim with Paypal.

Their response was:

You have already left positive feedback on ebay that you have received the card with great packaging and now you opened a claim? Please let us know why you would leave feedback like that if you had not gotten the card yet. FRSC

My response was - I made an error in posting positive feedback. Please provide tracking number.

Do you think this is strange that this was their response? Did they think they could get away with not sending the item because I accidentally left positive feedback 5 days after I won and paid for the item? Why wouldn't you provide the tracking number if someone filed a claim?
Yeah that's a pain. It's an easy thing for a dishonest person to fall back on if they haven't sent the card out yet. Hopefully it gets worked out.
WTF - this is his response. Still no tracking number.

I will have to make an insurance claim to recover the money from the first card, but we did have 3 that we were going to sell, so as soon as I get tracking information from the new card sent, I will let you know. FRSC
Well, the guy claims the first one got lost (of course, never provided the tracking) and needs to file for insurance. He sent out "another one" yesterday but it'll probably be the original. lol.
Check the serial number on the bgs label. Considering you paid decently on it, the least he could do is send you the card....