Football Absolutely No Class...


TP9 | VC15
I'm sure all of you have seen this, but is it not the most classless thing you've ever seen? This is how you act, as a professional player, after a WIN?!? It didn't stop with him, either. All of my Seahawk friends on Facebook were very hostile after the game spewing hatred and cursing like they got cheated in a loss.

Here's the Sherman interview:

I don't see a situation, now, where he doesn't get fined for that. I mean, disrespecting another player on national television. How can that not be a fine worthy offense? What do you guys all think about how Richard Sherman, and some Seahawk fans, handled last night's victory?


TP9 | VC15

There you will see the SoundFX from Richard Sherman after the game. I was wondering what he said to Crabtree before he got shoved in the face. Turns out he only said "hell of a game". I wonder, though, if he would have done that same thing if the roles were reversed. I kinda doubt it. ;)

Also, I wonder who he's talking to after the game when he's walking across the field screaming "go your ass home", just before his now infamous post-game interview. It seems to me that he just had a lot of hostility built up that he needed to release. I still question his tact in doing so, though.


Mr. Baseball
I do not believe that it was the worst thing I have seen in the NFL, like many are saying, but I do think he definitely went over the top. By what I hear, this has been brewing for a long time between the two of them, but the timing was horrible when it should of been about winning the game. Actually, although they would never admit it, I bet the NFL lives this as it continues to drive the best rivalry that it has had in many years.