Hello everyone, Tim from LiveCaseBreak here.


Bench Warmer
Hello everyone, Tim from LCB here, just a quick intro to introduce ourselves to the site. We are happy to partner up with TCZ, we had a couple different offers from Sports Card Forums and we ultimately decided to go with TCZ because they offer the unique abilitity to grow both of our brands together :). We are both newer websites to the hobby so we felt it was a very unique option for us to partner up and grow with a site quite like ourselves with the same vision of being a major player in the hobby.
As far as our company. We have been running breaks since 2011 & launched our fully operational website a couple months ago (we were on EBAY before that, when they outlawed breaks we launched on our own). We break cases of all 4 major sports, as well as UFC products, Pop Culture, Historical, & yes, even Benchwarmers :) Since our launch we have been the leading site for case breaks, nobody breaks more boxes & cases than us, in fact, nobody else is EVEN CLOSE. We break anywhere between $2,000-$10,000 in product a week. We even had one week in early May where we broke over $14,000 in cases in one week.
What sets us apart from other sites you ask ? Here are a few quick points.

1. We pre-order all of our cases factory direct. Once in a while, we will go out on the secondary market and order extra cases but it is very rare. How does this benefit you ? There is NO RISK of a cancellation with us, if you buy in, you will see the break posted. No excuses about ordering the case, blah blah, like you will get from other sites selling box breaks.
2. We schedule all of our case breaks weeks in advance, there is no waiting for breaks to fill at LCB. If it's scheduled, it breaks on that date, regardless of unsold teams. We are a company that is funded properly, we can afford to take gambles and losses on unsold teams and we don't need to fill every break 100%. We have a schedule directly on our website, 75% of June's breaks are already posted on the calendar, there are a few others that will be added in soon as well :)
3. We have other professionals in the industry run our breaks ! The majority of you know Brad Ziegler of the Dbacks runs breaks exclusively for us, that's just the start. We are in discussions with MMA fighters, NFL players, & NBA players to be a part of our company eventually as well and run our breaks for our customers.
4. Both of our owners (Larry is the other owner) are professionals. We are a well organized & fully funded company with a reputation to uphold. We are very serious about the hobby, we will both be attending the National in Baltimore in August as well if anyone would like to meet us there !
5. GIVEAWAYS ! NOBODY GIVES AWAY MORE FREE STUFF THAN US ! We give away 100's of $$$ in store credits & cards during each week of breaks. We have live trivia for store credits, free autographs & relics, free spots in other breaks & much more !
6. FREE CASE BREAK EVERY MONTH ! We offer a 100% FREE CASE BREAK every single month, the requirements are up on the website !
7. The Wall Of Fame, this is a special and exclusive section of our website for the 5 best hits that are submitted each month. The first Wall Of Fame induction ceremony will be held next week and we will reveal the first 5 cards of our LCB Wall of Fame ! Each inductee will get a short collector bio on our website, and each month's Wall Of Fame class will be held up on the website for future views !
8. We run random pop-up breaks all the time, stuck in the middle of an awful work day at the desk ? Check your twitter/email for a notice from LCB about a single box pop-up break starting in 15-20 minutes ! Make sure you're subscribed to our twitter/facebook & our email list so you never miss one of these :)
9. Pre-selling teams through our email list, before each break is posted, we pre-sell through our email list for 24-48 hours. Joining this list gives you exclusive access to the pre-sell portion of the breaks, as well as special offers/coupon codes & promotions not available to non-subscribers.
10. All of our breaks are of course 100% live and viewable on blogtv. We are working on uploading the 1,000+ videos we have to a youtube account as well for viewing of our past breaks. WE DON'T DO OUR BREAKS PRE-RECORDED and upload to youtube LIKE OTHER SITES, EVERYTHING IS 100% LIVE FOR THE CUSTOMER TO VIEW ! We also record the live broadcast so anyone who misses it can view it at their convenience.
11. There is a reason why we define ourselves as the "premier & professional place for box/case breaks" Buy into a break and you will see how we set ourselves apart from the competition :)

So that's our intro to everyone here, I will do my best to stop back periodically to reply to any questions posted. We hope to see the majority of you at least try a break out with us, we understand the driving force behind you choosing a breaker is trust. We promise we will earn your trust, as we always say to our customers, the proof is in the hits ! :) I'm sorry if I forgot anything, I'm sure I did along the way here, it's a Sunday after all !
Tonight we have two breaks, 2011 Panini Playbook Master Case & a 6 box break of the brand new 2012 Bowman Signatures ! Links to both are below as well as a link to our blogtv channel to view these tonight. We have a special buy 3 get 1 free promo from these 2 breaks going tonight, Simply purchase your 4 teams from either/both breaks & then send an email to [email protected] to request your 4th team refund (maximum of $50 refund.)

Both breaks are viewable here - http://www.blogtv.com/People/LiveCaseBreak

8:00 P.M. Eastern Time - 2012 Bowman Signatures 6 Box Break #1 - http://www.shop.livecasebreak.com/2012-Bowman-Signatures-6-Box-Break-1-2012BS6BB1.htm

9:00 P.M. Eastern Time - 2011 Panini Playbook 10 Box Master Case Break #3 - http://www.shop.livecasebreak.com/2011-Panini-Playbook-Football-10-Box-Master-Case-3-2011PPMC3.htm
Sounds like a great addition to TCZ, we are glad to have you here. Can't wait to jump in a couple of your breaks here. Welcome!
Huge welcome to TCZ ! I hope both of us can grow and kick the butt of every other site in the world! Mwuahhahahaahahahaha! :p

But seriously, welcome to TCZ :)
Okay, this seems like a good place to chime in about LCB. In the few weeks that I've been participating in their site (pretty much daily), I have acquired nothing but the highest admiration for Tim and Larry. They conduct their business in the most honest way possible, leaving all appropriate decisions up to the buyer, making sure every decision is made fairly and they ALWAYS have plenty of the best products to break. Their calendar is strict. If it says there's a break, there will be a break. Even if only 20% of the teams are sold, they won't cancel a break, EVER.

I'm amazed daily by the professionalism and respect that they show their customers. Being able to see an MLB relief pitcher do breaks for them from time to time is also a very cool experience (especially since he plays for my D-Backs)!

LCB has a great following and I, for one, am a dedicated customer who has no desire or need to consider any of their competitors for my next breaks.