A nice surprise!!!!


Bench Warmer
I bought this on the bay & it came in the mail today:


I flipped it over and was completely shocked to see that it just happened to be Rocky's jersey #!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was like WTF because I would have remembered winning a significant PC card like this! So I went back to the auction:

No mention of the jersey number in the auction whatsoever! What are the chances of this happening in 1,000 card print run (when buying a single from a seller, not busting packs)??? Anyhoo, this might not mean much to most, but I thought it was pretty damn cool.


Very nice!!! I won a Shaun Alexander card from an auction like that not too long ago, got a 37/100, was not listed as a "uni#" match or anything.

Their loss, our gain!!! :dance: