A little mail


Bench Warmer
Taking a break from my weekend project of scanning and organizing all my Rattay cards in photobucket, in hopes of one day building a website.

Got 3 in off the Rattay needs list:

Fleer Tradition Glossy Rookie (had tons of the non-glossy version, but for some reason this one eluded me)

Fleer Mystique Gold (looks very similar to the base card except it says Gold on the back and is not serial numbered like the rookies)

here is what the base rookies look like for comparision (looks like Fleer was lazy on this subset)

And Fleer Momentum Xs /212

been looking for one of those for a while as I have had the O's/70 and wanted to get his brother to match him up

also got a few more LaRons for the new player collection I will piddle with this year

and I have talked to Joey V. and we both agree that we love the Press Pass Gridiron Graphs set!

that is all, hopefully by sometime sunday I will be through with my little Rattay project.