$400 Available - What you got?


Bench Warmer
I have some extra income right now so I'm looking to buy a random assortment of cards to bolster my tradebait. I'm going to post this in every forum of every site I visit and just see whats out there, and hopefully make a decision by the weekend.

Some general rules/helpful pieces of advice for your offers
-I will NOT check buckets. I want you to tell me what's available.
-I'm looking for at least 4 cards, but no more than 12 cards.
-Any of the 4 major sports is acceptable, but my preference is this order Basketball/Hockey, Football, Baseball (and a combo of sports is probably the best)
-I prefer to spend the $400 as a lot, at once, to one person. BUT I will consider offers that that take less than $400... they'll just be a lower priority.
-again, I'm not checking buckets, if you ask me to check your bucket, your post will be ignored
-lists will get quicker responses, but scans are great too