2012 NFL Draft starts tonight!


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As we all know the 2012 NFL Draft starts tonight, who do you want your team to draft? Being a Giants fan I would like to see them take a RB or a WR in the first round. The voids that Manningham and Jacobs left still need to be filled, and this is a very deep draft for WR's and there are about 5-6 good RB's. I am also very interested in seeing where Junior Hemmingway (WR University of Michigan) will be picked. Pretty sure that he will go late 2nd round or early 3rd round.
Well, from everything I've read (I know it's all speculation) it looks like the Cowboys will be taking Barron with the first round. I, however, would like to see them draft a pass rusher instead. While I don't think he'll be available that late, like Mel Kiper does, I would love to see the Cowboys pick up Fletcher Cox if he is. If he's not available, and Barron is, I'll be fine with that pick. It has to be a pass rusher, or someone in the secondary though. Then maybe an interior lineman with the 2nd or 3rd pick. I also expect to see the Boys draft a RB, at some point in this draft. They'll need one that can be a decent backup to replace Felix Jones if Murray proves he can play an entire season without injuries.

Also, even though neither of them are my team I feel like I should also say how extremely humored I would be if it turned out that the Colts were pulling everyone's leg and they actually drafted RG3 instead of Luck. Even though I know Mark wouldn't like it, I would love to see what the Redskins had to say about it. :LOL:
I've got to bit I was extremely surprised, but excited to see Dallas move up to get another corner in Morris Clairborne. I wonder if this means goodbye to Jenkins soon.
Well, I am pretty happy with round 1. David Wilson should be a good fit to fill in for Jacobs. Now hopefully the Giants can draft a decent WR in round 2 or 3.
By the way Mike, I was also really suprised to see Dallas jump up there and take Claiborne.