2 Boxes of Allen & Ginter... 1/1!


Bench Warmer
I went down to my LCS today not really intending to open anything, but I brought a couple of cards to show off to the owner, and he liked them so much he traded me a pair of boxes of Allen & Ginter. When I opened them, I got:

Fashionable Ladies Mini "The Ingenue"

Bobby Abreu Relic

Casey McGehee Relic

Ubaldo Jimenez Relic

Adam Lind Relic

JP Arencibia Autograph

And in the very last pack I opened, I pulled the very first 1/1 I've ever pulled for myself from a pack (I do own a couple 1/1s but I bought/traded for them)!

Carlos Marmol 1/1 Framed Mini Cyan Printing Plate

I am stoked to have finally pulled a 1/1!!!