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1 Pack Sage Autograph


Mr. Baseball
After the talk in the Group Break forum, I thought that I would give a pack of these a try. I figure that 2 autos and a numbered insert for $18, it was worth the risk of getting some guys that would never make the NFL. Instead, I got a pretty solid pack.

The numbered insert was Tyler Eifert 056/199

I got a Joseph Fauria (currently in the Lions camp) hand numbered to 50.


And , as I continue to hit right in Luke's wheelhouse, a Montee Ball Auto.


Not bad at all!


Mr. Baseball
Yeah, that's definitely a decent pack. I'm not a fan of Sage, but getting 2 autos for $18 ain't bad at all!

Yeah, I am not usually a fan either but these were some of the best that I have seen. The Eifert is on a heavy stack and I like the design of the autos with the double pic. I would say that this is one of Sage's better efforts.


TP9 | VC15
They definitely look a lot better than the last Sage card I opened. Although, that was at least a few years ago, so I'd hope so. :LOL: