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    1 Box 2013 Ultimate Collection

    I'm kind of hooked on this stuff. I've hit some really nice cards out of it and sold a bunch of nice stuff. Here is what I got in this box. Surprised the Bledsoe sells pretty well. College collectors are coming on strong now that there are higher end college products instead of Press Pass...
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    1 Box Contenders and 1 Box Ultimate Collection

    shoot me an offer in PM. Anywhere close to other auctions on ebay and it's yours. Yup. Special 1997 insert set. Very hard pull. Probably one per 5+ cases I think.
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    1 Box Contenders and 1 Box Ultimate Collection

    And the results are in. I think I did pretty well. The Nassib sold on ebay for $65+ and $80 because it is a really tough pull. Only two have been on ebay. Love the low numbering on the Ultimate. Austin and Patterson from Contenders were nice to pull! All are for sale.
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    What do you guys think about buy back products

    I like Superbox football and thought Heroes of Sport was good. Both are hit or miss. I got a Barry Sanders full size OSU auto helmet out of HOS and a Walter Peyton rookie reprint auto out of superbox so I was happy with those but I also got some crap.
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    To the formerly active members stopping by

    Dave. Hi.
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    Football What is your favorite football team?

    LOL! Go Giants!!!!
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    Joshua Michael Johnson

    Just like you he is a total scrub. HAHA! Love these. Look forward to seeing more and more.
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    Football What is your favorite football team?

    See sig. :) And hate the cowgirls.
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    That's because I don't like you. Sometimes I can smell you through the phone.
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    Pulled and Sold!

    austin/allen dual is gone. sorry. Dave, Phish is off until summer tour. :(
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    The end is near ...

    well, there goes the site.
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    Oh no. I was hoping that you link wouldn't update correctly.... ;)
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    Do Autographs Help or Hurt The Hobby?

    haha! I'm glad someone else shares my thoughts on that.
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    2000 UD Legends Jersey set, 46 regular, 2 special edition & the Marino/Elway dual

    Awesome set and of course the custom frame you built! Congrats Bud!