Your favorite pulls?


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while busting packs isn't my preferred method (cost vs sell is terrible) here are some...

1989 Fleer Billy Ripken F***FACE from 1 pack at a gas station
1992/93 Fleer Ultra Basketball All Rookie Team Shaquille Oneal from 1 pack at a grocery store...the last pack they had
1994 Upper Deck Next Generation Set Redemption
1994 Upper Deck Next Generation Electric Diamond Redemption (same hobby shop, less than a month apart)
1998 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractor Mike Piazza some other dude /30 or something crazy low for back in the day, friend sold it on ebay for me for $150
2002 Topps Gallery Press Plate Jerry Rice 1/1
2006 Leaf Certified Mirror Black Heath Miller 1/1
2012 Topps Chrome Camo Refractor Andrew Luck


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I guess my fav/best pull has been several years from proline
a dual auto of Irvin/Aikman from KBToys in a mall lol
My brother is a cowboys fan so I traded it to him.


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I can put up a few of these, I'll start with the card that inspired me to try to collect the "Plates" set from 2003 Honors. I pulled it from the 1st box I broke & then went nuts breaking more. I believe I completed 4 or 5 of the subsets mainly the jersey sets both NFL & NCAA.

2003 Playoff Honors "Plates" Brett Favre, #PP-2 serial# 13/29



ya ll already have seen my favorite pull

Happened the day of the shuttle disaster over texas

oh 3 of them..


ok my Christmas present to myself from a case of sterling 12/23/2008

and I still hold this dear even though pujols took the money and ran from town

One hot summer in 2005



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Not to take away from my other pull but I did hit this. (Gone Now)

2013 Topps Supreme Primary Pieces #SPPCJ Calvin Johnson 1 of 1


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I think this card would be my best card pulled from a group break, but there is second's, but you cant beat a Yzerman Auto :)