Your favorite pulls?


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Whats everyones fave pulls?

Feel free to post more than one :)

I don't break as much as I would like to, due to the import taxes and so on over here.. but when I break, I do ok I think..

My three faves..

From one of those bonus packs from the Exquisite boxes a few years back, Fran Tarkenton auto /45

Another fave, 06 Flair Showcase Eli Manning

But my absolute fave has got to be, what actually was a bonus hit in the last pack of the box! A decent pull at the time, but a huge one now..

Mr Kevin Love.. and oh yeah, it's #'d 4 /10 :D


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My favorite pull had to be at my small LCS in town earlier this summer. He had just got LR&S football in, and I love that product so I went in and busted 6 packs. The first two wielded jerseys, and I was hoping for the dual jersey auto in one of the last four. Sure enough, a four color rookie auto patch #/10 of Julio Jones was pulled. It was pretty nasty, but I sold it before the season started. :(


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Well, I have a few favorite pulls. Unfortunately, though, I don't have either of these cards.

The first one was in a single pack of SPx that I opened for myself. It was a Darren McFadden rookie GU/auto. I got that one when his prices were still up, and ended up selling it on eBay. The other was a Joe Flacco rookie GU/auto numbered /10 that I pulled in a monthly group break I used to run. I didn't have the Ravens in that break and that one ended up going to someone else.


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my fav pull would be the tools of the trade carson palmer and its the only pull i have of palmer that is a gu lol. wife bought me a box from target for christmas and second to last pack bam! such a happy moment lol.


Just a couple.

Last year I opened a lot of SP Authentic hockey. A few weeks ago I was at my local shop and grabbed two packs. I pulled a Taylor Hall.

Then last week I opened two boxes of Panini Playbook and got two very nice booklets.

Green is out of /25.

And at the same shop as the first card I bought one pack of football cards that day and got a nice card for my PC.



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SOme Bowmans

I was in Vegas visiting my mother in 2004. Since I do not gamble I do other things; so I found a card shop, I believe it was on Eastern. I bought some Bowman Chrome and pulled a Sweet 1st. year Auto of King Felix. I did not relize what I had until a year later when I kept seeing his "stock" rise that I remebered I pulled this one. Traded it in a bundle for a Teixeira Rookie Auto.

Second Bowman pull was from of all places Wal Mart. A retail pack. A 2005 Chrome refractor Billy Butler.


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It's been a while but I'd have to say my favorite pull was way back some years during the mid90s when Autograph cards were just starting to become a big trend and they hadn't done the game used thing yet. I opened a box of Cornerstone Doctor Who Cards (series 2 I think) and pulled an auto card of John Levine (Sgt. Benton) it was just a simple blank card with the Doctor Who logo and a banner with "Autograph" on it no photo. I forget what the back has. Oh hey I found an Ebay store listing that has what they look like 5 Dimensional Enterprises Ebay store - Cornerstone Doctor Who Autographs static page.

kenny kerr

Cool. I'd like to see that one.

How long did it take them to send it? I hear that Panini is fairly good at honoring their redemptions (unlike some other companies we could name but won't) and doing so in a timely manner.
it took me about 2 months to get it from panini ik what u mean ik ur talking about a company that starts with t right lol