Baseball Your favorite Baseball Movie


give me your thoughts on your favorite baseball movie(s)
explain what you saw and why it's your favorite

thanks for sharing your opinions
For you older guys,

The Major League movies (I think there were three of them). Good times with the California Penal League.:D
Has to be 61*. The story of what Roger Maris had to go through during his chase for the Babe. And kind of exposed a side of Mickey Mantle that a lot of people may not have known about. -Plus, it made Joe DiMaggio out to be a real jerk.
i have to agree with major league,although the third one was a stinker


bull durham was a classic!
The first Major League movie was very good but I got to give a slight nod to The Natural. Robert Redford played the role of Roy Hobbs and the bat boy gave him a special bat to knock the lights out after hitting a game winning home run.