X-BOX 360 Package Deal For Someone


Bench Warmer
What im offering SOMEONE.
Brand new X-Box 360 Premium system.
Three cordless controllers.
Charger and rechargable batteries.
Wireless router and disk.
Wireless antena.
12 Games with Halo 2 & 3.
Extra face plates.
Ten demo disc games.

If REALLY interested.
You can contact me at kawhona4@hotmail.com
And i can send you pics of all your going to get.
Im looking to trade/sell.
If trading.
Im looking for vintage star players game used or pack pulled autoes.
Or of todays star players.
Im looking for some newer unopend.
X-Box 360

Then dont read it-It does not pertain to you-The only reason theres so much to read-Is because at least i am trying to give out as much info about the system and all they will get-It b4eats guessing-and then the questions would maby be asked to beging with-So keep your negative remarks to yourself-Thank You
If you do not like it-or think its to long-or really do not want a X-Box 360-Then do NOT read it-All i tried to do is give everone as much info that i could on it-Its better than having to keep going back and forth ansewering questions-This way-Its mostly all there-So find somthing elese to do today-than doing this crap-of saying its to long
Well, I do want a 360, but if I can't read your post I can't very well try to work out a deal with you, can I?

**EDIT** It's not that there is too much to read. The way you wrote it makes it too difficult to read.

Ive only got the blue one thats on the machine-and two of the white ones-I can sell you or trade you one of the white ones
X-Box 360

About all i can say is-Make me a offer-Someone elese told me they were interested and will get back to me-but i havent heard from them since-