WTTF/WTB Low-to-Mid-Range Houston Astros Autos, GU, and Tougher Serial Numbered


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The title says it all. Let me know what you have. I am certainly willing to discuss higher-end items, but I am mostly looking for low-to-mid-tier items right now. The only rule is that the player must have actually played for the Astros (and be an Astros player on the card) or be a prospect that is highly likely to make the Astros roster in the next few years.


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Adrian Houser2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Franchise Futures Signatures #81Houston Astros338/585
Chayce McDermott2021 Elite Extra Edition Signatures #132Houston Astros
Fernando Nieve2006 SP Authentic #217 AU/299 (RC)Houston Astros251/299
Glen Barker2000 Fleer Mystique Fresh Ink #2Houston Astros
Nivaldo Rodriguez2020 Elite Extra Edition Hidden Gems Auto #8Houston Astros
Tyler Whitaker2021 Leaf Pro Set Autographs Red #PSTW1Houston AstrosN/A
Freewebs page...some may be gone:
1998 Donruss Signature 89 Billy Wagner, Astros
2000 Fleer Billy Wagner Autographics Astros
2008 TRISTAR PROjections 107 Brad James Astros
2007 Upper Deck Brandon Backie SS-BR Astros Star Signings
2006 Bowman Brian Bogusevic SOF-BB Astros Signs of the Future
2006 Bowman Heritage Brian Bogusevic SG-BB Astros
2008 Donruss Elite 108 Bud Norris Astros 1021/1095
2002 Bowman Carlos Hernandez FGAJ-CH Astros Jersey
1998 Donruss Signature Daryle Ward Millenium Asrtos 354/1000
2002 Bowman's Best Doug Sessions 123 Astros Red
2005 Topps Update Eli Iorg UH230 Astros
2005 Topps Chrome Update UH230 Eli Iorg Astros
2007 Just Minors Felipe Paulino JR-44 Astros
2008 Topps Co-Signers 111 auto Felipe Paulino RC, 8.00
2008 Topps Moments & Milestones RA-FP Felipe Paulino, Astros2
2009 Sweet Spot 122 Felipe Paulino Sweet Beginnings Astros 499/499
2006 SP Authentic Fernando Nieve 217 Astros RC 251/299
2000 Fleer Glen Barker Astros Fresh Ink
2004 Bowman Sterling Hector Gimenez BS-HG Astros
2005 Leaf Hector Gimenez 220 Astros Prospects
2007 Topps Moment Hector Gimenez RA-HG Astros
2008 Topps Chrome 221 J. R. Towles Astros
2008 Topps Moment RA-JT J. R. Towles Astros
2008 Udx JT J. R. Towles Astros
2005 SP Authentic Jared Gothreaux 129 Astros 90/185
2003 Bowman John Buck SOF-JB Astros
2007 Tristar Elegance Jonny Ash SM-JA Astros Signature Marks
2001 Donruss Signatures Keith Ginter Astros Century Marks Masters Series
2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Kirk Saarloos Pog-57 Astros Jersey
2003 SPx Kirk Saarloos YS-KS Astros Young Star 559/1295
2004 SP Prospects Louis Santangelo 294 Astros 170/600
2005 SP Authentic Mark McLemore 185 Astros 37/185
2005 Ultimate Collection Mark McLemore 162 Astros 23/125
2005 Bowman Sterling Matt Albers BS-MA Astros
2006 Topps 52 Rookie Matt Albers 52S-MA Astros
2007 Topps Co-Signers Matt Albers/Brian Slocum CS-AS Astros/Indians
2007 Topps Co-Signers Matt Albers/Chris Iannetta CS-AI Astros/Rockies
2002 Finest Michael Hill 109 Astros
2008 TRISTAR PROjections 190 Max Sapp Astros
2006 Greats of the Game Nickname Greats Autographs NG-MW Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams Astros
2006 Bowman Originals Morgan Ensberg 236 Astros 261/334
2005 Zenith Morgan Ensberg ZB-15 Astros Z-Graph Prime 168/250
2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects BC253 Paul Estrada Astros
2003 Topps 206 Ryan Jamison TA-RJ Astros
1998 Bowman Certified Blue 24 Scott Elarton Astros
2008 Tristar Projections Yellow Reflections 393 Tommy Manzella Astros 23/25
2006 SP Authentic Taylor buchholz CH-TB Astros Chirography 37/75
2008 Tristar Projections Yellow Reflections 393 Tommy Manzella Astros 17/25
2008 SP Authentic 159 Wesley Wright RC,769/849) Astros
2009 Upper Deck INK-WW Wesley Wright Inkredible Astros