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A lot of people's initial question when coming to TCZ is "Why?". There are several trading card forums out there. Why start a new one?

Well, that question is simple. When I was looking for a trading card site to call "home" several years ago, there was only 1 that stood out as a fun, friendly, family oriented forum. That was TCC (TradingCardCentral.com). I was a member of that forum for years, and was even a member of the Membership Team, and leader of the Content & Graphics Team. However, with my promotion to C&G Team manager, there came the time that the owner of TCC became uninvolved. We (the TCC team) did everything we could to keep TCC going, but without Bob there to make any managerial decisions TCC started to fall behind the times. With that came decreased member registrations, and decreased activity level from current members (myself included). TCC simply wasn't as much fun, at least for me, as it once was.

I looked around, and even joined a few other sites. Those sites, though, just didn't have the same family friendly atmosphere as TCC, so I simply left all of them. That's when the idea of TCZ was born. I thought I would try to create a new community, with the same family friendly orientation that TCC has, but also one that would remain up to date and with the times. After a lot of conversations with a lot of other forum owners I decided to follow up on this idea and TCZ was given life.

So, there you have it. That is why and how TCZ was created. I really hope you enjoy the site and this community of collectors. Thanks for visiting!
Now that you all know why TCZ was started, let me tell you why you should choose TCZ, as at least 1 of your trading card communities. The reason I say "at least 1" is because, let's face it, you can't get all the trades you want done and all the chatter you want done on 1 card site. There will always be other members on other sites who have something you can use. Without going out there to explore those other avenues, you could miss out.

One thing that I feel like will set us apart from the rest is our openness to ideas and the hobby in general.

What I mean by openness to ideas is that we will absolutely look into every single suggestion that is brought to us. Even if it isn't implemented, or implemented right away, you can be sure that we will talk about it. It WILL get discussed. This site was built just for collectors and we know that by not listening to those collectors we might as well not have started the site to begin with.

When I say that we are open to the hobby in general I mean that we fully understand that we are not, and will never be, the end all trading card community. That said, we encourage our members to seek out other forums and sites that might help their collections. Not only that, but we don't mind you sharing those other forums and sites here on TCZ. If you find someone a card that they've been looking for, but it's on another site, let them know about it. We will not allow blatant spam of other sites, but mentioning them should not and will not be punishable.

Another thing that you'll find is very unique to TCZ is the fact that we write all of our own add-ons. As far as I'm aware, there isn't another site that does this. The fact that we are able to do this also means that we can easily change our add-ons at any time with bug fixes and updates as the hobby changes, as our members change, and as technology changes. While some sites get stuck on certain software because it's too time-consuming, or too expensive, to upgrade, that's simply not the case here. We will always use the latest forum software, and we're constantly making changes and updates to our custom add-ons.

In other words, you won't find a better forum on the internet, in terms of features and the ability to add new features.

We want you, the collectors, to be able to come to TCZ and just kick back, relax, talk, trade, and have a fun online experience while you're here. If you notice anything that could be done differently, contact a staff member or always feel free to PM me directly.
I just wanted to re-iterate why we think collectors should choose TCZ, and give some of the new members an idea as to why TCZ was started in the first place. I've also made this forum a "sticky" so that it'll remain at the top.
Truthfully, this has been the onlt site that I have been loyal to. I started collecting again a few years ago, and when I found TCZ, I found it to be a great iplace to interact with other collectors and show off some of my collection without feeling like I am being sold something all of the time. The others on this site are interectactive and love to show their stuff, in all sports. I am very happy that TCZ is back!
I hardly think I need to explain my self all that much on this subject, but I'll give it a go anyway :p

To be 100% honest. This site has the best "feeling" to it of any forums I've ever been on. Be it games, cards what ever. There's a special jazzyness to TCZ..

Then again, it might just be my blind devotion talking here :D
I joined tcc first and when I was asking questions about breaks a angel pmed me and said that what I'm looking for might be on tcz . I quickly signed up and rarely do I go over to the other site. Tcz has been a god sent to me. You guys have re opened my thrill in card collecting. I bet you can tell from all the breaks and trades I have done or completed. I love how less clutter it is on the site. I enjoy the people not all but most for sure. Franklinguy made me a believer in card trading online and I hope that one day i make my last trade on this site and hand over my collection to the kids or even the grandkids because I just might like them better. Overall this is a greatbsite and jacey and I love it
I will admit for only being on here for 2 weeks I am thoroughly impressed with this site. Even though I am a semi-broke college kid and I can't afford to break gold standard or those several hundred dollar boxes I feel like I am actually a valued member. It is awesome. I love the feedback that I have gotten on my cards and possible trades. Even though I have only done one trade in the two weeks I have been on here I expect to do at least 10x that by the end of next month. The only thing I don't like is the fact that I have only done one trade but I want that to right now! So if you want to trade with me for anything in my bucket except for that Larry Bird card please don't hesitate to message me!
I'm actually loving the change (both viewing it on a PC and on a mobile browser as well). Thanks for the changes so far! you keep amazing me.
I was on TCC for a long time...I took a hiatus when my wife became ill and passed...After a couple of years(at least),I decided to get into it again... I was the one who contacted you over and over again after I was refused admittance back into TCC.None of my personal settings were there anymore,no user id and pw recognition.(btw) I remember talking to you and you telling me about Bob...Anyway,glad I found you guys and look forward to more trading on this site.I do think it is light,bright and full of charm.(and very uncomplicated for a simple ol' hillbilly like me)