where to buy card case with stands?


last year i found that wal-mart sold the magantic case with the stand. checked this year and now they do not sell them. there the ones that are thick enough for game used. does anyone know where i can buy those? i checked target and toys r us. nobody has them. and there is no sports store in killeen, ft. hood are they have all closed down. thank you


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Your best bet is to shop around on eBay and find someone who is selling them in bulk. You can usually get them a lot cheaper that way. With the cost of shipping for those magnetics, it doesn't make much sense to buy just a few. Chances are the shipping will be more than the holders.


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Along with eBay, you could also check Dave and Adams, I know quite a few people that order their supplies through them.


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Check out the website cardshopfinder.com and look to see if they list a shop near you. You search first by state then by closest city.


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not sure what size i should buy 135pt is that enough to cover most jersey cards? or should i be good with the 85pt? HELP!!!

It really just depends on the card. Some GU cards can fit in a 75pt, but some won't even fit in a 120pt. I'd say if you just want to buy 1 size, to buy 130pt toploaders, memorabilia sized sleeves, and some team bags. Use the team bags to put the cards in that don't quite fit in the toploaders so they won't slide out.