What's the highest you've paid for a single box of wax?


Bench Warmer
Just curious.

I remember sometime last year I spent about $240 shipped on a Box of 2005 UD Trilogy Baseball. It was extremely fun, but definitely didn't make close to my $$ back:LOL:

Just curious about your biggest single box of wax.
When I first got back into collecting I purchased a Hobby box of 2009-10 Upper Deck SP basketball for $125.00 and didn't realize that i was only getting 1 pack. It was also fun but I didn't get close to my money's worth. That is by far the most I have paid for a pack of cards.
I purchased a box of 2007 National Treasures for about $270, I got my moneys worth from the box, just wish I would have kept a couple of those cards that I sold.
As long as it doesn't hurt me financially (like taking away money from bills and other expenses)...absolutely.
Most is around $100.. but when the money is there, I plan on trying as many of the different Ultimate Collection years I can..
As far as I can tell the most I ever paid for a single box was 75 for 09/10 Panini Studio basketball. I also got a box of 07/08 Topps Stadium Club for 74.95 on sale. Man that was really cheap a couple years ago LOL.
I honestly can't recall.

I can tell you I have spent a small fortune in my 41 years
in the grasp of this obsession.

Collect Hard!,
The most I've spent on a single box was around $120, for a box of Finest baksetball, at a card shop in San Antonio. I would definitely spend that much again, given the funds were there, but I wouldn't buy that box again. I bought a cheaper box of Trademark Moves basketball, and a box of Luxury Box basketball earlier that same year and both of those boxes were a LOT more fun to bust than the Finest. It also didn't hurt that I pulled my first Tony Parker auto from that Trademark Moves box. At the time I was super collecting him, so that was awesome!