What PC player(s) do you wish you had more cards of?


Bench Warmer
PC, in this case, does not stand for politically correct just for the record....so you can say Mike Vick or Clinton Portis if you want;).

I would really like to end up with more Bart Starr and Derrick Thomas cards. Two of the most famous former Alabama football players, and I don't have much at all from them:doh: Who all is on some of your wantlists?
Top 5

Dave Dickenson - 01 Chargers rookie, former Seahawk (for a couple of weeks anyway) & the greatest QB to ever play at the University of Montana. I'd really love to get my hands of some of his CFL cards.

Warren Moon - my first favorite athlete as a kid. I've got quite a few of his base cards, but not a lot of inserts, GU or autos.

Vince Young - I bet I don't have ten cards total of his. Everyone is hoarding them... bastards.

Dewon Brazelton - former MTSU pitcher & so far a major league bust (though he did just sign with the Pirates organization). Unfortunately I rarely buy baseball wax, so its hard to trade for him.

George Brett - a couple years ago I figured I'd start a collection of him because he was my favorite player as a kid. He's also the only player in any sport I collect who didnt play for one of my teams.
More SHane O'brien and for some strange reason Gale Sayers i've just started picking up stuff of him
#1 Weathersby - ok, so there are only a few of his I dont have, but i still want more.

#2 Schweigert - Still missing a ton of parallels.

#3 Len Dawson

#4 Rod Woodson - kicking myself for not collecting him earlier

#5 Ryne Sandberg, my 1st favorite athlete. Dressed up as him for Halloween.

#6 Jason Hardebeck- good friend of mine, was in the minors for several years but I never have been able to locate a card of him. Surely they exist? Maybe not.
PC wishes and caviar dreams

I'll go out on a limb and say Elway. I have a ton but know I don't have it all. My problem is that I still don't have a checklist completed so I don't know what I have or need. As I mentioned before, I'd like to get cards that are non-Elway but he appears on them. No checklist for those :)

Also, my fav before Elway was Bradshaw. Would like to get some of the high end stuff from him. Autos, jerseys, etc. I have none.

Also, I became a Sonics season ticket holder in 1993 just to watch Gary Payton play. I have collected him here and there but would like to get high end stuff of his too. (I do have 2 actual game worn jerseys and shoes :) )

In fact... man I don't know if I should let this out cuz I'll look like a dork... but when we were looking for a date for our wedding it was narrowed down to July. Being a numbers guy the first thing I thought was July = 7 = Elway. COOL! Then when I was presented with a choice of the 20th or 27th I jumped at the 20th. 20 = Payton.

Ok, shoot me now. Hey, at least its always easy to remember my anniversary :lollol: